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Personal Consultation

We have been successfully running this educational consultancy for the past 7 years with our wonderful team members. Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds allowing us to assist you with any sort of problems that you might be facing.
Choosing a course or university after graduating from college can be a daunting task. Any queries you might have will be answered by one of our experts to help you find your career paths. Whether it is with regards to choose your courses, universities, queries regarding immigration, scholarship availabilities or any sort of consultation that you might require, our friendly team will be able provide it to you.

IELTS Guidelines

IELTS stands for: International English Language Testing System and is used worldwide as a standardised means of testing ones English capabilities.
As English is the primary language in the UK, it is one of the main entry requirements to universities. It is therefore vital that international students take the IELTS Exam whilst applying to Universities in the UK.
The Exam and scoring criterion:
The IELTS exam is split into 3 exams:
1) Listening – 40 minutes, Graded out of 8.0 Points
2) Reading & Writing – 120 minutes, Graded out of 8.0 Points
3) Speaking – 11-14 minutes, Graded out of 8.0 Points

The minimum scored required in a lot of universities is 5.5 on each module.

This however varies from university to university and their minimum required may be higher than 5.5/module.
IELTS Exams can be very stressful and may potentially be a major boundary between you and your dream of studying in the UK. With any exam, due diligence, preparing beforehand coupled with proper exam strategies allows you to ace your exam. We can help you by providing you with:

1) Hints, trips and tricks – A Strategic Crash Course for the Exam

2) A fully inclusive course starting from the basics and building you up to make sure you are fully equipped with the knowledge, preparation and strategies to ace your IELTS exam.

Course Selection

Selecting a course can be a very daunting task. From the Arts to Engineering to Finance, there is a wide selection of courses. How can you possibly choose 1 course from the many available to you? Do not worry, that is precisely why we are here. With our professional advisors, we will work with you to find out which course best suits you. We will find out all the variables i.e. your passion, your academic history, ideal location etc. and then work out your ideal future career path and the corresponding course you should study to get there.

Admission Preparation

The universities we represent are high ranked, top notch universities and therefore have a rigorous interview process as thousands of students apply to these universities both locally and internationally. We offer admission preparation where we will guide you on how to ace your university entrance applications and your interviews.

University Admission

Choosing and getting into a university is a long term decision and with that comes a lot of administration. We will serve as your dedicated liaison for your university and assist you with:
– Sending all your documents to the university
– Liaising with the university and letting you know if anything else is required of you
– Keeping you up to date with regards to your application
We will also assist you with your immigration process by assisting you with the following:
– We will